Copy Trading

Copy Trading

Up Your Game With Copy Trading

Copy trading enables successful traders (signal providers) to share their trading signals with less experienced traders (subscribers). Subscribers can thus automatically copy each trade that the signal provider makes  thereby making the subscriber realise higher earnings. The signal provider gets a commission from all his subscribers and so get to earn more.

Signal Provider

  • A Signal Provider is the trader that others are copying.
  • Make your signal accessible to less advanced traders so that they can replicate your trade.
  • Earn extra profit from the commissions your receive from your subscribers profits.


  • A Subscriber is the trader who is copying trades.
  • Suitable for traders who are still just starting as it enables them to start earning profits.
  • Also helps intermediate level traders to learn new strategies.

How to Become a Subsciber

Create RAMM Account

  1. Login to your trading account
  2. Create a new account of type RAMM
  3. The RAMM login details will be created

Login to RAMM

  1. Go to www.ramm.store
  2. Login with the username and password provided


  1. Identify high performing signal providers
  2. Subscribe to your choosen providers
  3. You are good to go!

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